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About Dimension

Printing Perfection is our Passion.

We are introducing the exciting technology of 3D Printing to Industry and Education; and demonstrate how this can very much form part of current manufacturing strategies.


We offer FDM, SLS and SLA 3D Printing technologies. This equips us to aid a vast range of products. Find out which technology is right for you. 


3D Printing technologies are developing at a rapid rate. They are able to offer advantages over conventional manufacturing methods in terms of cost effectiveness and delivery time for small quantity manufacture.


Parts which are geometrically complex, or small in size are ideally suited to 3D Printing. Setup time is almost non-existent, meaning that unlike Machining/Injection Moulding, it is not necessary to order a higher quantity to see cost savings. If you need to order a 1off- no problem and no setup price or minimum order charge to contend with!

Your Project

Let our expert team help.

Dimension 3D Printing offer full support through the design, prototype and manufacturing stages of your project.

We welcome all enquiries, and are happy to give you a free and honest assessment of your part's suitability to 3D Printing.

We have a team of fully qualified Engineers, with years of experience in the 3D Printing Industry. They will be able to match the correct 3D Printing technology and material to your project.

CAD Modelling

CAD Modelling

Need help with designing your idea?

No CAD file? No problem. We offer a 3D CAD Modelling service to help you bring your parts to a 3D Printable ready state.


These parts will be 'DF3D' (designed for 3D Printing) in order to make most efficient use of the technology.

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